6 Ways to Prepare Your Arlington, VA Home for Sale

6 Ways to Prepare Your Arlington, VA Home for Sale

  • The Synergy Group
  • 04/7/22

The Arlington Heights real estate market is currently in heavy favor of sellers. If you’re hoping to list your Arlington condo or house for sale this year, now’s a great time to start getting ready. Regardless of current market conditions, it’s vital to prepare your Arlington Heights real estate for potential buyers.

Keep the following six tips in mind to help increase the speed of your sale.

Research Arlington Heights

When preparing to sell an Arlington Heights property, your first step is to thoroughly research the market and seek assistance from a local realtor. Look at the average sale price of homes comparable to yours in your area and see what’s currently listed. Consider the homes that are selling the fastest and which features could set your Arlington Heights real estate apart from the competition.

This year, the average price per home in Arlington Heights has risen 13% from one year ago. That means it’s a fantastic time to consider selling. The median price for homes in Arlington Heights is sitting at around $330,000, and homes are staying on the market for a little over a month.

The Arlington Heights real estate market is still reasonably competitive. Buyers are actively looking for Arlington homes and condos for sale—and it’s not uncommon for sellers to see multiple qualified offers and sell within as little as 15 days. You’ll most likely be able to sell your house for around the listing price within a month or so of its listing date.

However, you’ll want to make sure you get an accurate appraisal of your home so you can price it competitively.

Prepare your home

After you’ve researched the current market for condos in Arlington, take steps to prepare your home. Go around your property and note any repairs that need to be made. If you’ve been putting off fixing the guest bathroom faucet, now’s the time to do it. Notice any places where you think the paint could use a touch-up or where the walls, floors, or ceiling need a deep clean. 

Start packing away items you don’t use every day, and put aside anything you no longer need to sell or donate. Then, once you’ve cleared out the clutter, schedule time to have the entire house cleaned thoroughly. You want buyers looking for Arlington Heights apartments to feel like each room is fresh and spacious.

Complete renovations

When you prepare to add your home to the list of Arlington homes for sale, consider completing additional renovations beforehand. Renovations to the kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor living areas can exponentially increase your home’s value, earning you more equity before you sell.

In terms of the kitchen, many buyers expect updated appliances and a consistent theme with the rest of the house. If your kitchen sticks out with dated cabinetry or a battered fridge, buyers will take notice. Though complete kitchen renovations can be costly, they can bring a strong return on your investment when you sell. 

Renovating your bathroom can also be lucrative. Too often, the layout and aesthetic of your home will be clear and consistent, but its bathrooms will still feature old light fixtures, dated cabinets, and low-efficiency faucets. Consider swapping these for contemporary fixtures.

If your kitchen and bathroom are already updated, think about how you can renovate and improve your outdoor space—such as re-vamping your patio, deck, pool, or entertainment area. Move onto your master bedroom and add new features if your bathrooms, kitchen, and yard are already in tip-top shape for the market.

Remove personal items

The owner’s personal items can serve as a major roadblock for potential buyers, as they want to envision themselves living in your space. While you may love your wall of family photos or collection of sports memorabilia, a potential buyer will struggle to imagine themselves in your home while staring at pictures of your family. 

When a buyer steps into your space, you want them to imagine what they could do with it—see the home’s potential. You want them to picture where their furniture would go or how’d they’d utilize the spare bedroom, so an important way to prepare Arlington Heights apartments for sale is to take down as many personal photos and mementos as possible. Store those somewhere safe or pack them in preparation for your move.

Hire a professional stager

Consider hiring a professional stager if you’re unsure what can stay and what needs to go. Professional stagers help sellers create a neutral, inviting atmosphere in their homes. When a home is professionally staged, there are just enough items to make the space feel warm and lived in, but not so much that potential buyers can’t imagine themselves living there. A stager knows how to strike that perfect balance. 

They’ll also know what’s most popular with buyers, from furniture styles to fixtures and decor. Maybe you’re selling a ranch home, but everything inside it leans more modern. A stager can help your home feel cohesive and connected from room to room.

Work with a local, experienced Arlington agent

Throughout the entire selling process, from research to presentation, you’ll want to have a qualified real estate agent with you along the way. The agent you hire should know your local market in and out, offering tips on making your home pop and attracting the kind of buyer you’re looking for.

Agents will offer expert advice on the repairs and renovations you should consider before selling. They’ll know which trends are most popular and should be left behind. Finally, a real estate agent will understand the ebbs and flows of the market. They’ll advise you on the best time of year to sell and how to make sure your listing doesn’t linger on the market.

When you decide to sell your Arlington Heights home, get in touch with a qualified real estate agent who can help you through the process. To get started today, contact the experts at The Synergy Group — they will help you list your home and find your next dream property in Virginia!

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